Monday Workout

Monday I decided to test myself a little bit I gave myself a  circuit and see how many round I could complete before my body gave out. I was feeling particularly good that day. So the circuit consisted of 10 Med ball push-ups, 12 Kettle bell swings(six each arm), 16 Bent over rows( 8 each arm) and finish with 10 Kettle bell Clean and press( 5 each arm) then followed by 300 meter sprint. Rest for a 1 min and repeat the circuit again. I kept track of my heart rate while performing the circuit and it peaked around 92% of my Maximum heart rate but on average stayed around 84% percent. I was able to complete 14 rounds before I called it quits. Which I think is outstanding. It took me roughly 50 minutes before I threw in the towel. I got plenty of lifting and cardiovascular work with that circuit. But I am still a glutton of Punishment so I grab the medicine ball and did 3 x 30 tosses against the wall after each set I got down and performed a 30 second plank.  I believe it is a good mixture of training your core and abdominal through movement and static holds.

Rounds           50 mins
10 med ball push-ups
12  KB swings
16 Bent over rows
10 KB Clean and press
200 meter sprint.


Medicine Ball tosses 3x 30
Planks 3 x 30

Give this workout a try and see how you feel afterwards.  It is a fantastic circuit and I suggest that everyone gives it a try.

Author: Smithfitness

A former basketball player now fitness professional. Alex holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Kinesiology and certified NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS). Alex loves lifting heavy things repeatedly and going for long runs or rides and helping others achieve high levels of fitness and health. If you love fitness and health follow this blog and submerge yourself in all the fitness and health knowledge.

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