Exercise Rant #2

This is another rant about what I have experienced in commercial exercise facilities.

Bosu Ball
Why is everyone and their parents using the Bosu ball for all of their exercises? Is it a new hipster trend that you must workout on unstable ground? I can understand that the Bosu ball is a great tool in rehab and physical therapy setting that forces people to activate stabilizing muscles ( potentially cause greater activation in abdominal and hip region in the body.)  In a study publish in Strength training and Conditioning Research 2008 found that there was not  difference in muscle activation while performing exercise on the Bosu ball. They used highly conditioned athletes so the study could be biased because well conditioned athletes have more experienced using these devices.  In all honesty I see many people trying to perform squats and lunges on the bosu ball and it is absolutely pitiful.  Most normal people cannot perform a correct squat on stable ground but they try to squat down on the Bosu ball and only reach about quarter of the way down. Listen whenever a muscle has to perform double duty as in provide force for movement and also contribute to balance. Most of the force production will be cut in half. So now you will have to use a lot lighter weight and not even the full range of motion. On the plus side it feels like your are doing a lot right?


People doing Curls squat rack
This has me baffled more than anything else in the world. Why do people curl with a barbell in the squat rack?  There are machine and bars and chairs specially made for curling and people still don’t think it is enough. Now if they are there first I usually move on with my program and perform a different exercise but these dudes(dudettes) stay on curls for about 40 mins most of the time flexing in the mirror talking about how buff they are.  Out of all the muscles the bicep and chest  in my opinion are the two most overworked muscles in the gym.  Honestly do everyone a favor and stay out of the squat rack if you’re doing curls. You’re just taking up valuable space and time.


People who go to the gym and don’t want to sweat.
I guess this is more personal but when I go to the gym I plan on breaking a good sweat. When I go but this week is a deload(light) week for me allowing my body to recover and I was on the Elliptical(don’t judge me) Getting in a Tabata for conditioning and there was this woman next to me.   She had been on the elliptical for  roughly 40 mins without breaking a sweat. She had burned maybe 250 total. She then got of  the machine and went home. I gave her the benefit of doubt and she probably did a workout before I got there. She was moving at 45rpm(note get below 40 rpm the machine cuts off or goes into Pause mode). Now she came in the next day and I saw her entire workout 40 mins on elliptical barely moving then leave to go home. I thought to myself whats the point coming to the gym if you’re not going to break a sweat or anything. That is a honest waste of money. If your reading this go to a gym, don’t worry about getting to sweaty, work hard and push your self, you will feel a lot better about. Don’t short change yourself.  A gym is made for you to get sweaty and to try to improve your well being. So go out and enjoy yourself.

Author: Smithfitness

A former basketball player now fitness professional. Alex holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Kinesiology and certified NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS). Alex loves lifting heavy things repeatedly and going for long runs or rides and helping others achieve high levels of fitness and health. If you love fitness and health follow this blog and submerge yourself in all the fitness and health knowledge.

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