When its gone

I read a quote the other day that got me thinking ” People don’t start worrying about their Health until they lose it” Those words for some reason speak volumes to me.  It goes along those same quote you don’t realize how important something is until its gone.  I can say that I have been just like everyone else in this world. All my friends see me as the health nut. I eat healthy I work out everyday I try to do things that will help make me healthier, or keep my body going smoothly. Before I was known as the health nut that I am today I was just like everyone else. Granted I played basketball and kept myself very active with a lot of sports and activities but I never was into the whole health kick until Things begin to change. 

I was in my junior year in  college and I was doing OK school wasn’t really a stellar student just did enough to get by with my classes I would study the material and do the minimum to pass the test. My main concentration was on basketball. That summer I had played on the Panama National Team and had played in some games and contributed a little bit to the team. When I got back to school I thought I was top dog and that I was going to have a breakout season. I was in the best shape of my college career and everything was looking good. Then 2 game into the season I strained my groin during warms ups. That ended up putting me out of action for a couple of games. Then I came back and played a game against Richmond did sub par  probably because I was out of shape.  Then the week after I landed on a teammates foot and messed up my knee. Of course being the hard-headed knuckle head that I am I did not tell anyone. So I continued to play on a hurt knee. By the time game comes around My knee is swollen and the pain is unbearable.  Come to find out I had torn my meniscus. The training staff asked me to stay off it for about two to three weeks which I did. On the reassessment it had not gotten any better.  So I had surgery scheduled to help remove the damaged cartilage.  Just like that my season was over. My dream breakout season gone.  So started back at square one with rehab and getting back so that I could play without pain.  I will fast forward a bit and say that was the most depressing time of my life.  You go from being top dog to bottom rung in a couple of months.  Anyway well Senior year comes and I thought that it would be my redemption year. The last senior push well long story short I ended up  dislocating my shoulder and hairline fracture in my foot. I had already used my red shirt year with the meniscus tear so basically it was another wasted year. For someone who never had problems before in their life(other than asthma) I was wondering why I was constantly getting hurt. Well I graduated from William and Mary and decided to transfer to Augusta State University. I had one more year of eligibility and decided to play my final year there and get started on my Graduate studies.

Now I was in a new environment with new coaches, new teammates. I was enjoying myself my coach when I first got there looked at me and was like I need you to lose at least twenty pounds. Of course I looked at him crazy he said that I was too heavy to play ball and that I needed to lose weight. He sent me to Dr. Wish the head of the Kinesiology department and Registered Dietitian. She gave me a meal plan that I needed to follow and that I needed to start taking care of my body more.  At first I was bummed out but, these were the rules that were set in at this place. I ended up losing the weight and a little more(2lbs more) I felt great nothing hurt no knees, ankles, shoulders, or hips. I started eating a lot more fruits and vegetables I started to become a lot more health conscious.  I had the best season of my college career. I was voted First team all conference. My team did very well broke school records for most wins in a single season. My life had turned around dramatically.  When I started to eat and take care of my body I felt better, I performed better. It was one less stress that I had to worry about. For two years I was so worried about whether my body was going to hold that day or not. Now it was gone. Now I have finished my masters and I have chosen to help people regain their health.  I had to suffer for more than two years to realize that if you take care of yourself good things will happen. If you wait until something traumatic happens then it is already too late.   People don’t develop diabetes or hypertension over night. It is a process that has been building up for a long time then eventually it reaches a breaking point.

If you can make changes in your life to will make you healthier why hesitate.  There is a lot of information on the internet about proper nutrition( and bad nutrition) and if

Tough Mudder 2012
ToughMudder 2012

you can’t distinguish between the good and bad go see someone who knows. Talk ask questions. Get some exercise regularly. Make smart choices in life you only have one body and you it should be in your best interest to keep it running properly.  A lot of people take their health for granted and end up biting the bullet later in life.

Author: Smithfitness

A former basketball player now fitness professional. Alex holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Kinesiology and certified NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS). Alex loves lifting heavy things repeatedly and going for long runs or rides and helping others achieve high levels of fitness and health. If you love fitness and health follow this blog and submerge yourself in all the fitness and health knowledge.

2 thoughts on “When its gone”

  1. I hear you pal. I was never a pro or even semi pro athlete but I was always into a lot of sports and suffered countless injuries all through ignorance and stupidity. Only when my wife became ill did I take health seriously. We got her through the tough times and I became a much stronger person, physically, mentally and spiritually.
    Nice post – glad to see things turned around for you.

  2. My story is somewhat the same as yours except I never made it to college basketball. I just had to change my unhealthy eating during high school. It’s funny how people look at people like us now and think that being healthy has always been easy. In reality, it’s a long road for all of us.

    Also, I liked your quote, “People don’t start worrying about their health until they lose it”. Very true.

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