Random Thoughts 12.13.2013

This post will be me rambling about some various topics.

So I recently read Mark Rippetoe article on T-nation about Crossfit the good bad and the ugly. If you remember Mark was one of the people who help begin Crossfit.  He gave some insight to what it has become and from it’s humbly beginnings. The Good is that it has made hard training fun again. Lifting weights, sprinting, sled pushes are now popular again. People have a different mindset on what a workout should be. The bad unfortunately is that people are willing to sacrifice their safety so that they can try to edge out one more rep or shave another second or two.  The Ugly is that there is a limitation to the Crossfit system. It is very had to progress. You can only add so much intensity before the body begins to break. It is very difficult to judge a clients workout volume and progress them when you’re doing AMRAP’s and Time circuits. I though it was a good read definitely check it out.

I also read Tony Gentilcore article about Kelly Starrett Knees approach and how he was getting a lot (lack of a better word) hate from a lot of the community. Tony goes over a lot about what Kelly was trying to say with his book but people may have misread what message Kelly was trying to say in his book. TLDR( Make sure knees track over toes, Don’t go into extreme varus of the knee)

Author: Smithfitness

A former basketball player now fitness professional. Alex holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Kinesiology and certified NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS). Alex loves lifting heavy things repeatedly and going for long runs or rides and helping others achieve high levels of fitness and health. If you love fitness and health follow this blog and submerge yourself in all the fitness and health knowledge.

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