Thursday Workout December 8, 2011

Tuesday and Thursday are my sprint/Plyometric/agility days where my concentrations are to improve my speed, agility, and power.  I am not too concern with covering distance on my Aerobic work. I try to use an Interval run to condition myself for sprinting and burn a lot of calories in the process.  I ran for 30 mins with a 1-to- 1 Interval. I ran this on a treadmill set to 3% elevation. For 1 minute I would sprint at 10 mph and stop and rest for a 1 minute walking at 3.5mph. I would continue this pattern until I reach my goal of 30 minutes or 15 sprints. It is a very simply exercise that will definitely help raise your endurance.

Interval Sprints                       30 mins
Dynamic Stretching               15 mins
Agility Ladder                          20  mins
Agility Drills                              10 mins

Cycle cool down                        5 mins

Total workout time                  1 hour 20 mins

Wednesday Workout December 7, 2011

Wednesday Workout
This is my own personal workout I am currently training myself for a 11 miles Mud Run which will take place in February
Today was distance running I am not a very strong endurance runner so at least twice a week I am working on increasing my aerobic capacity. I also added a Kettle bell circuit to work on my muscular endurance.  I usually don’t like to do a lot of  steady state aerobic work but for now I need to condition my body to be able to moving for a long periods of time  The current research states that if you want to build VO2 max interval training is better than steady state aerobic work.  Athletes for the most part prefer interval training it keeps the person occupied it gives a lot of change rather than a keeping a single pace.  The main focus was to mentally train myself that I can run a long  distance without stopping.
5.5 miles at 8-9 min mile pace
15-20 minutes Stretching and mobility work to keep myself as flexible as possible
3 rounds of Kettle bell circuit

Kettle bell one arm swings(alternating arms)          1 min
Kettle bell one arm Clean and Press( alternating)  1 min
Renegade rows one arm( 10 reps then switch)        1 min
Goblet front squats with Kettle bell                              1 min
Complete all the exercises and Rest for                       2-3 mins

Afterwards finish with Cycling for                                 10 mins
This workout took me about                                            1 hour 45 mins