Books that I highly recommend for your bookshelf.

This is a list of books that I have had the time to seat down and read and reread because there is so much useful information. Tons of gold nuggets of information in these books. These books will stay on my bookshelf and stay within arms reach. If you haven’t read any of these books I highly recommend them because they have helped improve my life.

CEO Strength Coach by Ron Mckeefery

CEO Strength Coach written by world renowned strength coach  Ron Mckeefery. Ron talks about his path in the strength and conditioning world. He also talks about the behind the scenes aspect on how to truly be a successful coach. This book doesn’t talk about training or training models he instead layout the administration process and what skills are needed to get a job, keep a job, and develop a network in the field. It’s a fantastic book a must read.

Easy Strength

Easy Strength is written by the famous Dan John & Pavel Tsatsouline.  Pavel, & Dan are pioneers in the world of training. In this book they talk about how to train athletes to improve all aspect of performance. The information is backed by research, but can be hard to read at first. Take your time to read this book. Great information, formatting needs some work.

Super training 

Warning Super training is worst than most college text books. If you read this book cover to cover you are a god among men. Now I consider Super Training the bible of strength and conditioning. It covers everything…..everything. Now the way I use this book is a reference book or if you have a question about a particular subject or just want to look up the facts. It compiles a vast amount of knowledge. Super Training is probably referenced more than any other book by far. It is a great book to have in your library.

Advances in Functional Training

The expert in functional fitness training Michael Boyle. This was the first book I read out of college. Boyle give you reason why he doesn’t back squat and why single leg training is superior than bilateral training. He also has the results to prove why his methods work. Great book on how you should view and train the body to get results and decrease your chances of injury while training.

Leaders eat Last  

Simon Sinek  teaches you about the role and responsibility of a leader. If you want to successfully manage and lead a group of people. Simon lays out the what, why, and how you need to go about becoming the best leader you can to help bring your team together. Great book on improving your leadership skills. Well written with lots of examples.

Anyways: The Paradoxical Commandments finding personal meaning in a crazy world

Written by Kent M. Keith back in the 1960s these commandments teach you how to deal with craziness that is life. Whenever I am feeling down. I like to read through the ten commandments and it helps pick my spirits back up.  Each commandment get there own chapter. Not a long read but just enough to help get you going again.

I hope that you take a chance and look at on or two of these books.

Why Discipline is better than Motivation

Motivation fades Discipline is forever

Getting and receiving motivation daily is a great way to start the day. It helps put you in a proper mindset for the day. Motivation help get the ball rolling for many is the hardest step. The only thing about Motivation is that it is feed of emotion. Some writers have said that emotion creates motion. That is true I will not deny that a lot has been accomplished when someone is either really angry or really happy.

The problem with emotions is that they come and go. The flee away and can change immediately based on events that happen in your life. For example you can had a terrible day at work and your boss chews you out about a problem that was not your fault. So you go to the gym to burn off some steam. The second before you begin tearing the gym up  you get a text/email/ or call  from your boss he apologizes for chewing you out. Now all that pent up emotion has been dissipated. Now you have this mediocre at best workout because you no longer have emotion driving you. Emotions are a double edge sword.

Discipline is what you need in your life. I look at discipline as rules that I have set in place that will not change no matter the circumstances. If I tell myself I will run intervals for 45 minutes. I will run intervals for 45 minutes period. I make a rule that I will eat protein and vegetables at every meal. You can look at my plate and see that I will be eating Meat and Veggies at every meal. Discipline can spread through many different areas of life such as: relationship, finances, nutrition, exercise, self-improvement, and social life.  Having discipline will help develop habits. Habits will create the person that you are today. Discipline does not rely on emotion. It is a separate entity that works regardless of your emotional state. If you had a wonderful day/ or your worst day you will still do what your suppose to do.

Discipline equals Freedom.


Monday is back it is time to get back to work. Here is some Monday motivation to help set the tone for the week.  Persistence is the key to change. Developing good healthy habits and routines will help to forge a healthy mind and body.

Motivational Monday

mjLGXmjGood Monday gang
it is another great Monday I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to give you a little motivation for the week.  It doesn’t matter how you are when you start a new goal. As long as you start you can become great.  The only way to become great at something is by taking the first step.  So get going on your journey and have a great week

How to change yourself

It is simply in theory to change into the body you want or become the person you aspire to become. In reality it will take a long grueling journey with everybody including yourself l trying to keep you in the same position.

I am going to use myself for example whenever I tell people my goal is to get down to single digit body fat most people ask why? or say you’re already a lean person why do you want to lose more weight you’re fine how you look now. Now that doesn’t sound like a negative statement in fact most people will take that as a compliment. This is how I view that comment. When I hear this comment most people are telling your not to change. They are telling you to be happy with what you have and stay in your comfort zone. People are telling to stay where you are and just enjoy it.  The reason why is because if you change who you are as a person the people around you will have to change as well. If you decide to stop eating out during lunch and start bringing lunch to work. Your co-worker, friends, family will have to start bringing lunch with them as well if they want to keep socializing with you or they can continue to eat out during lunch and they may not socialize with you during the lunch break. When you decide to make a change the people around you will have to make changes to accommodate the “new” you. If you decided to start saving money that could mean change in activities or less time bar hopping with your friends/family on the weekend.  When something changes it effect everything around it.

Don’t think that the people around you are the only thing that keep you from your goals. Your biggest enemy is yourself. Whenever you want to make a change: Losing weight, gaining muscle, saving money, etc. You are making changes to who you are as a person. I can tell you first hand it is very difficult for me to lose weight. I was a basketball player and athlete, I was either the strongest or one of the strongest people on my team. My strength was something I took pride in. I had worked hard in the weight room to develop that strength. Now my playing days are over I no longer need the strength any more. My life has changed. Unfortunately I wasn’t ready to let it go. Just to let you know that I have the body type that if I look at a weight room I put on weight really quick. So in order for me to lose weight I would have to have a complete change in the way I worked out so that I can obtain my goal. I was afraid of changing what I have done in the past. I loved putting up heavy weight and now I had to give that up. I was comfortable with being strong and always lifting the same way but it was keeping me from my goal of losing weight. When I did change my workout I would get the results I wanted but.. I was getting weaker and I would fall back into old habits or I would look at the mirror and I felt I looked really skinny.( look skinny at 260 lbs ha ha). Mentally I was defeating myself I was afraid to let go of the past. Letting go is very difficult. Saving money is another exam. Spending money and going from check to check is easy. Saving is difficult because it is forces you to show restraint.

If you want change in your life then you must be willing to sacrifice or part ways with old norms in your life. From personal experience in order for myself to change I must be willing to sacrifice the strength numbers that I had worked hard to developed over the years. I must also change the way I workout to reach that goal as well. What I have done in the past in terms of training must be changed in order to become the new me. If I want to have more money in my savings account I must show restraint in buying goods, eating out as much.  The willingness to let things go will allow you to make changes in your life.

Very simple in theory hard in application if you want to make changes in your life then write down what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Write down what needs to change in your life to reach that goal. Then follow the plan without looking back. That is how you make changes in your life

The healing Phases

Injury and the phases of healing

If you’re a professional athlete or recreation athlete (weekend warrior) injuries will occur and what you do will determine how fast you will be able to return to action. The healing process can be a long and difficult process if injuries not taken care of properly. There are 3 phases of tissue healing: inflammation, repair, and remodeling.  The athlete will go through each stage at different rates depending on the type of injury and how they are conditioned.

The inflammation phase is the body’s first reaction to an injury. First the local and systematic inflammatory system response goes in to action. This will decrease function of the damaged tissue. If you have a strained muscle its ability to contract or produce force will be reduced. This is done so that a person cannot continue to cause harm to the injured tissue. The area will be red and swollen due to capillary permeability.  Edema can/will occur in the injured tissue which will also limit function.  Phagocytosis occurs when there is a release of macrophages which remove dead cells and damaged cells from the injury site.  The inflammatory phase may cause the sensory nerve fiber to react which will send a pain signal to the athlete to also decrease function.  The inflammation phase will typical last 2-3 days but may last longer depending on the severity of the injury.                                                                                                            Treatments during Inflammation phase are usually passive modalities: icing, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. These treatments are used to help control inflammation in the body.  Rest for the injured area is necessary to protect from reinjuring the damaged tissue.


Once the macrophages remove the damaged tissue, the body will begin to place collagen fibers in the wounded area. Scar tissue and new capillaries and blood vessels are formed in the injured area.  The best analogy is to think about road construct where they place a large metal board over a pot hole in the street.   The large metal cover is not ideal for street repair but it will be temporary fix the hole in the street. This concept is identical to the body placing collagen fibers as a temporary fix to the wounded area.  the collagen fibers to strength the wound.  The repair phase can start as early as 2 days after the injury but can last up to 2 months depending on the severity of the injury.  During repair the new tissue cannot handle a high amount of stress. To assist with repair the NSCA recommend light lifting, and or low impact activities when coming back from injury.  It is important to start with low loads and gradually increase intensity of activity.  The low loads will increase collagen synthesis and optimum alignment of fibers.  Important to note that too little stress may cause a negative effect in which new fibers do not align properly and adhesions may form preventing full range of motion.


The remodeling phase occurs when the body stops producing new collagen fibers and begins aligning current collagen fibers to best deal with stressors. The next step is to improve the structure, strength and function of the new tissue. Using a proper exercise program and progression the new fibers will begin to hypertrophy and align properly to cope with the stress.  As the fibers become stronger the athlete will be able to return to function. Though the new tissue will not be as strong as the old tissue initially, it will take another 2-4 months for the new tissue strengthens to cope with the stress.

Exercise Progression

The exercise rehab and condition progression will go from Light weight Isolation open-chained exercises to Heavier Sport Specific Closed Chained Exercises. I will give to example of rehab progression

Example and Athlete with a shoulder Injury( rotator cuff) may progress through an exercise program like this

  1. Side Lying Internal/External Rotation
  2. Standing Lateral Shoulder Raise
  3. Seated Shoulder Press
  4. Standing Military Press

Example of progression of knee rehab

  1. Leg Extension/Leg Curl
  2. Leg Press
  3. Bodyweight squat
  4. Split Squat or single leg variation
  5. Pistol Squat single leg unsupported squat



Potach, D. (2008). Essentials of strength training and conditioning. (3rd ed., pp. 529-533). Champaign IL: Human Kinetics. DOI:

Nutrition for Basketball Players

This is a little paper I typed up to help basketball players achieve the proper nutrition for their sport. A lot of athletes eat improper which could lead to decreased performance. I you want to reach your full potential it is very important to give your body proper nutrition Nutrition Tips for basketball players

Random Thoughts

Butter vs Margarine

I hear this argument a lot which is a healthier choice.  My opinion on the matter is that Butter is the best choice. Margarine is made hydrogenated vegetable oil aka Saturated Fat.  Everyone should be well aware of the dangers of Saturated fat. Hydrogenated oils have been linked to Heart Disease increase in LDL(bad cholesterol) , promotes weight gain, gallbladder disease, liver disease, impairs immune system function and plethora of other problems. It is best to stay away from Margarine and stick with old fashion butter( just don’t go over board). Other cooking options are  Olive Oil, and Canola oil.


Heart Rate Training

I have recently been doing the couch to 5K program to help with some consistent cardiovascular training.  I am a big advocate for sprinting but I have been really paying attention to my heart rate while training and taking not of how my Heart responds  to the program. I have noticed that even though my heart rate is elevated I am becoming more and more comfortable. I also take not how fast my heart rate drop or my recovery rate. It is interested to pay attention to how your respond to it. On my recovery days I do some Long Slow Days which either consists of keeping my heart rate below 60% MHR( Max Heart Rate) for an 1 hour to 1 hour and 1/2.  For me that was walking with 40lbs vest.( I know I look crazy walking around with a vest but you got to do what you got to do).

Bioforce HRV

It is a new product that measures how hard should your workout be based on how quickly your rate can change and adjust. IF your heart rate is able to change pace freely then you get the green light. If it detects that your heart/body is not performing as well it will give you a yellow or red light. All it takes is 2.5 mins for it to get a reading. A lot of people have had good results and it is supposed to help keep you injury free. So I am saving up for the device to hopefully experiment for on myself first for about a month and go make my decision.



Short Article on Cardiovascular Training

What is Cardiovascular Training


This is short article about Cardiovascular training that you can download