Get Motivated – [Image] #MorningMotivation – Life’s two choices, by Denis Waitly

I like this a lot


[Image] #MorningMotivation – Life’s two choices, by Denis Waitly

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Great Advice from Jeff Bezos

Michael Boyle's Blog

This is a third hand link but, well worth the clicks. My friend Joe Bonyai tagged me on Facebbook. He got it from Either way, click and learn.

Great Advice from Jeff Bezos

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Life itself is your teacher

Chape Fitness

Life itself Bruce Lee

“Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning” – Bruce Lee. Photo: me 🙂 #mondaymotivation

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Articles to read 1.27.2015

These are a select few of articles that I have had a chance to read in my free time. Either they  were very entertaining or very informative or a little of both.

Dan John Ten Commandments of Lifting 

The Supplement Hierarchy by Mike Robertson

Nick Tuminello The Most neglected Function of the core

Andy Morgan  Which Routine is for me? 

The most under utilize exercises for power for devastating power 

Motivation Monday


Here is some Monday motivation to help you get up and get this week going in the proper direction. This quote is taken from Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson. “Success isn’t an overnight thing. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.”

Monday Motivation Dec 29,2014

Welcome back gang I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday. 2015 is right around the corner I hope that 2014 has been great year for you.  2014 may have been your best year but we want to make 2015 and even better year. So take some time this week to dream up some goals and write out a plan for 2015. Let’s make 2015 and even better year.9WeORuU

Articles to Read through

Stretch Or Tight
This is a great article that talks about the importance of stability of the surrounding muscles to allow mobility in joints. Stretching is not the answer to everything.

Exercise you should avoid
Bret talks about trainers stating that you should avoid certain exercises for injury reasons. Exercises don’t cause injury. Improper exercise and progression( and stupidity) cause injury.

10 Diet Myths
TC goes mythbuster style on a lot diet fads.

5 things I learned from Mobility Training
Eric Cressey talks about what he has learned about mobility in the last decade

Dan John Strength Standards

Things I have been Reading

Turkish Get-up will make you awesome
ean Summerset wrote an article on T-nation talking about why you should implement the TGU into your training regime I completely agree with Dean.

Everything you need to know about Corrective Exercises
ony Genticore is a fantastic writer and I recommend that you read his blog Lots of information with lots of humor( and cats)

Easy Strength
Great book a must have is your in the Strength Training industry Co authors Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline give you the low down and how to get people strong and help them reach their goals a must buy

Motivation Tuesday

Good day Gang

I hope that you enjoyed your Holiday ate plenty of good (Healthy) food.  It’s Monday, time to get the ball rolling again. I want you to work on making this your best week. Put the pedal to the metal and leave no regrets. You only have 23 days before the next holiday and I want you to make the most of each day.