What motivates you?

Motivation that is a word that I have heard in my career  a lot. You can  tell a person all the information in the world and give great examples you people who have applied these teachings and their lives have improved and yet these people will not change. I have found personally that I am spending more time and energy in finding ways to motivate them in to a new life style.  With the people I am working with I know that good eating habits and exercise will benefit them greatly. That is a later topic. Now  I will speak for myself  I am a very internally motivated person I like to push myself and see how far I can go physically and mentally. When I accomplish a new goal I feel great that I was able to complete the challenge. Not everyone in life is not internally motivated. Some people are motivated by external rewards. External rewards  can  be recognition, money, women(or men) or some sort of material prize.
Now there are days where I don’t feel motivated.  So what do I do to get me back on the ball again. Well some days I will reading a new article that talks about a new exercise or program and that will get me going again. I will sometimes go on youtube and watch an inspirational video, or  a montage of people performing outstanding feats.  When I see other people working hard to try to improve themselves it really lights a fire under me. I have been raised to be a very competitive person. So when I see someone working hard I know that I must work harder than them to prepare myself. I always pride myself on effort. If you ever saw me play my game wasn’t the nicest or flashest. I was a work horse he would duck his head down and do all I could to help me team win.  Now for me it worked I was highly motivated to do those types of things.  Every one is not going to motivated to do those things it is important to find out what motivates you in life and to use that to keep the fuel added to your own fire.  The more you keep yourself motivated and working in the right direction the  closer you will become to accomplishing your goals. Even after you’ve accomplish your goals you will still be motivated to master your craft and go far beyond your goal. 

Friday December 16,2011

Friday was a day in which the gym was closing down early so I cut my Cardiovascular conditioning I ran a 1 mile and half without stopping and moved on to heavy lifting day.

Aerobic work
1 mile and 1/2

Resistance work
Rear foot Elevated Split squat           4x8ea
Good morning                                           4 x 10
Inverted rows                                           4 x 10
Dumbbell Bench press                           4 x 10
Pull ups                                                        4 x 8
Anti rotation T-bar                                 4 x 10
Medicine ball Sit-ups                             4 x 20

Thursday December 15 2011

Thursday I couldn’t workout as long as I would have liked but I was still able to get some work done. Thursday was Hill climb day Treadmill was set to an elevation of 10% and set at a speed or 7.5 – 8.5 mph  1 min of work and 1 min of rest. Total time on the treadmill 20 minutes followed by a abdominal circuit involving the cables.  A very short day but still was able to accomplish a lot

Hill Climb 10% incline                                                20 mins
Work (7.5 – 8.5 mph)                                                     1 min
Rest ( 2.5 – 3 mph)                                                          1 min

Ab circuit

Lunge to twist with cable                                          2 x 15 each side
Wood Chops( High to low)                                        2 x 15 each side
Partial SL Cable dead lift                                            2 x 15 each side
Push – Pull anti rotation                                            2 x 15 each side

Foam roll                                                                         10 Rolls(minimum) each body part
Mobility work                                                                Ankles, Hip, Shoulders, Thoracic Spine

This video will show case all the exercises  in the Ab circuit make sure to pay attention

Tuesday Workout December 13, 2011

Tuesday and Thursday are my days for plyometrics and strength building. The cardiovascular exercises won’t be as long. 1 reason is to allow my hips knees and ankle recover from long distance. I am a pretty big dude 6’5” 269 lbs (currently cutting my weight to 235) Second reason is doing the same routine everyday will get boring and I will lose interest and don’t want to stick to the program. Conditioning for today  consisted of running hills. I got on the treadmill and raised the elevation to 10 degrees incline.  If you haven’t run with an Elevation then prepare yourself mentally.  My running speed was 8mph(7:30 mile pace) and for my rest 3 mph(20 mile pace). I ran for  a  1 min and rested for 1 min for a total of 15 sprints. (30 mins in duration) Afterwards my hips, and hips were on fire. Elevations causes you to raise your leg higher for each step causing you to contract your hips flexors longer than usual. The incline also causes greater activation of quadriceps and calfs and Glute muscles when running on an incline. A study done by Swanson, Stephens, and Caldwell in the journal of  Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise(2000) Also reported these findings as well. So if you want to to get a good burn in your legs try to throw in some hill running into your program. The rest of the day consisted of Mobility and Stretching, Med ball tosses all different angles, and Agility ladder.

Hill running(10%)                                                               30 mins
1 min( work at 8mph)
1 min( rest at 3 mph)

Mobility and Stretching                                           15 mins

Medicine Ball Tosses  
Side tosses                                                          2 x 10(each side)
back tosses                                                         2 x 20(alternating)
Kneeling tosses                                                 2 x 10( each side)

Agility Ladder                                                                      15 mins

 Total Time                                                                    1 hour 45 mins (including breaks)

Monday Workout December 12, 2011

Monday beginning of a new week the first day to making yourself better. Every week I try to increase the intensity or the amount I work out so that I can have a linear progression and allow my body time to adjust and improve with the workout.  Last Monday I ran for 50-55 mins and covered rough 5.5 miles. My goal for this week was to cover 6 miles in at least 60 mins. Even though I have the aerobic capacity to do more your muscles, bone, tendons, and ligaments do not adapt at the same rate. It is always best that you don’t increase your workout too much at a time. A 10% increase is more than enough to provide new stimulus to further adaptation with body.  My aerobic work consisted of interval of 2 minutes hard with a 1 minute rest. That equated to 40 minutes running and 20 minutes of rest.  For the lifting segment I decided to do a push pull super set with several different exercises two exercises at a time

Aerobic work
Treadmill                                                                                                       60 minutes
2 minutes (work)
1 minute( rest)
Stretching and Mobility work

Strength training 
Single Leg dead lift with Row ( cable machine)                              3 x 8 (each leg)
Standing Lunges  on Bosu ball                                                               3 x 10 (each leg)

Dumbbell Alternating Bench press                                                      3 x 10(each arm)
Inverted Rows                                                                                              3 x 10

Chins up (underhand grip)                                                                      3 x 8
one arm Jammers                                                                                       3 x 10(each arm)


Lying “Y- handcuffs”                                                                                  3 x 10
Russian twists                                                                                               3 x 30( 12lb med ball)
Straight leg Sit ups                                                                                      3 x 15
Shoulder Y with band                                                                                3 x 10

Friday Workout December 9,2011

This Friday since it was the last day of the week my goal was to burn myself out knowing that I would have a day to recover. I usually try to do a work out that incorporates the entire body knowing that I have a day of rest to follow. I began with my aerobic work which was given to me by a friend before it is a pyramid conditioning program that is 33 mins long  it starts 5 min warm up followed by a 4 min sprint , 3 min sprint, 2 min sprint, 1 min the back up to 4 mins again. after each sprint you get a 1 min break to recover then you start the next sprint as you go down in time you want to increase the intensity. That can be done either by increasing the speed or by increasing the elevation if you are on a treadmill. It is a great conditioning exercise and I recommend it highly.

Pyramid conditioning                     33 mins

Kettlebell circuit                                  3 rounds

one arm swings                                      1 min
one arm clean and Jerk                      1 min
Burpees                                                     1 min
Goblet squats                                          1 min
Straight leg sit-ups                                1 min
Rest                                                             3 min

Stretching and mobility                    15 mins

Total time                                             1 hour and 15 min workout

Thursday Workout December 8, 2011

Tuesday and Thursday are my sprint/Plyometric/agility days where my concentrations are to improve my speed, agility, and power.  I am not too concern with covering distance on my Aerobic work. I try to use an Interval run to condition myself for sprinting and burn a lot of calories in the process.  I ran for 30 mins with a 1-to- 1 Interval. I ran this on a treadmill set to 3% elevation. For 1 minute I would sprint at 10 mph and stop and rest for a 1 minute walking at 3.5mph. I would continue this pattern until I reach my goal of 30 minutes or 15 sprints. It is a very simply exercise that will definitely help raise your endurance.

Interval Sprints                       30 mins
Dynamic Stretching               15 mins
Agility Ladder                          20  mins
Agility Drills                              10 mins

Cycle cool down                        5 mins

Total workout time                  1 hour 20 mins

Wednesday Workout December 7, 2011

Wednesday Workout
This is my own personal workout I am currently training myself for a 11 miles Mud Run which will take place in February
Today was distance running I am not a very strong endurance runner so at least twice a week I am working on increasing my aerobic capacity. I also added a Kettle bell circuit to work on my muscular endurance.  I usually don’t like to do a lot of  steady state aerobic work but for now I need to condition my body to be able to moving for a long periods of time  The current research states that if you want to build VO2 max interval training is better than steady state aerobic work.  Athletes for the most part prefer interval training it keeps the person occupied it gives a lot of change rather than a keeping a single pace.  The main focus was to mentally train myself that I can run a long  distance without stopping.
5.5 miles at 8-9 min mile pace
15-20 minutes Stretching and mobility work to keep myself as flexible as possible
3 rounds of Kettle bell circuit

Kettle bell one arm swings(alternating arms)          1 min
Kettle bell one arm Clean and Press( alternating)  1 min
Renegade rows one arm( 10 reps then switch)        1 min
Goblet front squats with Kettle bell                              1 min
Complete all the exercises and Rest for                       2-3 mins

Afterwards finish with Cycling for                                 10 mins
This workout took me about                                            1 hour 45 mins