Whiteboard talk: Simplified Conditioning Model

Monday Workout

Monday I decided to test myself a little bit I gave myself a  circuit and see how many round I could complete before my body gave out. I was feeling particularly good that day. So the circuit consisted of 10 Med ball push-ups, 12 Kettle bell swings(six each arm), 16 Bent over rows( 8 each arm) and finish with 10 Kettle bell Clean and press( 5 each arm) then followed by 300 meter sprint. Rest for a 1 min and repeat the circuit again. I kept track of my heart rate while performing the circuit and it peaked around 92% of my Maximum heart rate but on average stayed around 84% percent. I was able to complete 14 rounds before I called it quits. Which I think is outstanding. It took me roughly 50 minutes before I threw in the towel. I got plenty of lifting and cardiovascular work with that circuit. But I am still a glutton of Punishment so I grab the medicine ball and did 3 x 30 tosses against the wall after each set I got down and performed a 30 second plank.  I believe it is a good mixture of training your core and abdominal through movement and static holds.

Rounds           50 mins
10 med ball push-ups
12  KB swings
16 Bent over rows
10 KB Clean and press
200 meter sprint.


Medicine Ball tosses 3x 30
Planks 3 x 30

Give this workout a try and see how you feel afterwards.  It is a fantastic circuit and I suggest that everyone gives it a try.