Do you have the Buffalo gene?

If you are wondering if you have a the “Buffalo Gene” then you probably don’t have it. But don’t worry you can develop the buffalo gene by throwing these exercises into your daily routine.

Bulgarian Split Squat to Single Leg RDL

TRX Push-up to Tricep Extension to Fall out

Behind the neck Press to Overhead Squat

TRX Curl to Face pull to Row

Lateral band walk to Goblet Squat ( Thanks Amanda for the demo)

Kettlebell Snatch to Windmill

Buffalo Gene Workout
E.M.O.M x 5 for each exercise 5 reps on each exercise in each series.

Have fun with these exercises


Making the decision

Everything looks good on paper but when it comes to applications things will not go as planed.   I will use today workout as an example. Today workout consisted of a barbell complex. Squat clean, push press, back squat, Push press. The 5 reps on each exercise for five rounds. It is a long series which ends up being 100 repetition. Which is only the first part of the workout. The problem I encountered was that many of our clients are unable to Squat Clean with sound technique. So the it puts a lot of people at risk for injury.  It was the first time for many clients to experience this new exercise. What are you to do? Well the more experienced clients will make adjustments and be able to perform the exercise after a round or two. The other clients who lack enough mobility wont be able perform the exercise at their current state. So what do you do as a trainer? You now have to change the complex but still retain what the program was trying to influence for that day. The best you can do is prepare ahead of time put yourself in what if situations. I know when I first saw the workout most people will not be able to perform Squat clean properly. What is the regression?  Can everyone perform the regression.  What about the other exercises? Some times you may have to change the entire complex to suit a client.  It’s a decision that you have to make to ensure that everyone is getting quality service and individualize treatment. They may not seem like big decisions but, Imagine that there are several trainers do not adjust exercises for people an will allow people to continue perform exercises in an unsafe manner.  Some trainers do not want the responsibility. So they rather not make the decision and the quality of their clients workouts will suffer.