5 Things you need to do have a healthy back

5 Things you need to do have a healthy back 

  1. Avoid seating in the same position for long periods of time 

Staying in the same position for long period of time can cause ligaments and tendons to slow stretch over time. The laxity that it creates will cause more instability. with the vertebrae. So if you do have to sit fidget like there is no tomorrow.

2.Avoid stretching as soon as you get out of bed 

Getting out of bed and immediately going into a hamstring stretch could be the final nail in the coffin for your back instead stand up reach your arms overhead and take 2-3 deep breaths. This will allow the vertebrae disk in your spine to normalize to the weight of your upper body. Remember you were sideways for 8 hours give your body time to adjust.

3.Exercise or move with improper movement patterns 

Exercising or moving improperly is a no brainier for back pain. If you are unsure if you move improperly go find a good coach or trainer to evaluate your movement and make sure you moving more from your hips and not your back. Pay attention to how you pick up objects daily as well because that can cause a back blow out like not tomorrow.

4.Living a sedentary life 

Weakness in the musculature in your core and back is the number one reason injury occurs. Go get some exercise lifts some weights and be happy. If you don’t know how( please don’t assume) go get some professional help.Even if it’s for 1-2 sessions just to get the basics down.

5.Not performing proper core training 

Dr. Stuart McGill is the leading expert in lower back disorders. He states that person with proper core training can hold a 2 min plank with ease. If you can’t hold a 2 min Front plank your core training is wrong…  So you better get to planking

Chill out Man

As you go through your workouts day after day you start to lose some motivation. Now there can be a number of reasons why this happens it could be your diet,  boredom( or tired of doing the same exercises) or it could be that things are happening in your life. Eventually you find your yourself constantly trying to amp yourself up before a work. Constantly trying to get your juices going before your work out. Now this constant amping yourself has made you good at preparing yourself for the workout but what about after the workout? Can you also teach yourself how to relax?  Teaching your self how to relax is a very underrated skill. The constant abuse that we put our body through on a daily basis can cause the body to break down. Muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, nervous system, bones, and the rest of your body is put under stress from all the physical activity. There are times in which we have to give our selves time to recover, heal, and rebuild. If you constantly in a hyped ready to tackle the day mood. You’re putting your body under stress. Chronic stress will do a lot of damage to your body with time. That is why I tell my clients that they need to practice how to relax. Some of my friends who are great basketball players and athletes can tell their mind and body to relax at the drop of a hat.  It is a skill that has kept their bodies healthy. Being able to turn you body off will help decrease Cortisol levels and allow the body to go into repair mode. It is very important to schedule time for relaxation and rest. It is just as important as working out and without rest how do you expect your body to rebuild to make improvements.