K.I.S.S   Keep it Simple Stupid. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and this is a reoccurring theme in many books. Never try to over complicate things. If you can keep things as simple as possible you will have less problems in life.  A lot of experts in the Strength and Conditioning world as saying that we are getting too complicated and there needs to be a shift back to the basics. I completely agree with what the experts are saying.  I just think that there are too many gadgets and toys that people use to stimulate that they are working hard in the gym. For example ( which I use often) the bosu ball. I think the bosu ball is a great tool for rehabilitation. In the general population I think it is over used.  When I see people who use the bosu ball  for every exercise must live on top of a fault line. Unless your sport calls for you to move over unstable ground I don’t recommend the bosu ball. Basketball, football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, tennis, softball, you usually play of flat stable terrain so standing on a bosu ball and doing curls may not translate very well. Correction I found a study comparing unstable training with traditional training. They said there really wasn’t any difference between the two. With my own experience I had to use less weight whenever I was standing on the bosu ball for the fear of falling over and dropping the weight on myself or I was afraid to go the full range of motion as well. I learned now that in order for my training to transfer to what ever I’m doing I need to train on the surface similar to which my event is on and closed-chain exercises( i will speak on that in a later post). Keep your workout simple you don’t need any gimmick to help you get results some old fashion elbow grease  and time.