Why Discipline is better than Motivation

Motivation fades Discipline is forever

Getting and receiving motivation daily is a great way to start the day. It helps put you in a proper mindset for the day. Motivation help get the ball rolling for many is the hardest step. The only thing about Motivation is that it is feed of emotion. Some writers have said that emotion creates motion. That is true I will not deny that a lot has been accomplished when someone is either really angry or really happy.

The problem with emotions is that they come and go. The flee away and can change immediately based on events that happen in your life. For example you can had a terrible day at work and your boss chews you out about a problem that was not your fault. So you go to the gym to burn off some steam. The second before you begin tearing the gym up  you get a text/email/ or call  from your boss he apologizes for chewing you out. Now all that pent up emotion has been dissipated. Now you have this mediocre at best workout because you no longer have emotion driving you. Emotions are a double edge sword.

Discipline is what you need in your life. I look at discipline as rules that I have set in place that will not change no matter the circumstances. If I tell myself I will run intervals for 45 minutes. I will run intervals for 45 minutes period. I make a rule that I will eat protein and vegetables at every meal. You can look at my plate and see that I will be eating Meat and Veggies at every meal. Discipline can spread through many different areas of life such as: relationship, finances, nutrition, exercise, self-improvement, and social life.  Having discipline will help develop habits. Habits will create the person that you are today. Discipline does not rely on emotion. It is a separate entity that works regardless of your emotional state. If you had a wonderful day/ or your worst day you will still do what your suppose to do.

Discipline equals Freedom.

Tuesday workout

Monday there was no workout I had to deal with some “life Situations” So I got to start this week workouts on Tuesday. I decided to continue to increase the intensity of my workouts instead of the duration. I am still performing the kettle bell circuit with sprinting. I believe that it is really helping me with increasing my heart and keeping it elevated throughout the workout. I have  started to wear a heart rate monitor so that I can keep track of my heart rate this way I know that I am working hard enough I should be able to get to at least 88% of my max heart rate.  After the Kettle bell circuit I jumped on the Treadmill to do uphill Tabata details are down below. I find that the Tabata is outstanding for getting you heart rate up. It only gives you Ten seconds to rest then your sprinting again. Your heart doesn’t get a chance to drop while your resting. If you haven’t tried out the Tabata then I completely recommend giving it a chance.  I have kept it very simple on the Lifting work most of my work consist of Olympic lifts. I do a lot of lifting with the Kettle bell circuit that I try not to wear myself down with a large volume of lifting work.

Kettle Bell Circuit
12 Clapping Push-ups
6 single arm kb swings Each Side
8  Kb Bent over Row Each Side
5 KB Snatches
3 Down and back sprints on the basketball court or
1/4 mile sprint.

1 min break and start from the beginning again.

10 rounds                                                                                              45 mins 

Tabata on the Treadmill
2 min warm up
4 mins Tabata   @ 6% incline at 9 mph

Power clean 2 warm up sets followed by 3×3 ( heavy weight)
Standing Military press 3 x 8
Medicine ball tosses  2x 15 each side.