I have been busy in the last couple of weeks. I have my clients I am training, and the basketball team is well underway for the season soon we will be in conference play and then it will really get serious. I noticed that there has been a theme between the two. Right now I have a couple of clients working on Fat loss and I have basketball team that is busting their butts to get a win( 0-5 right now). I tell both that if they don’t get results right away then  they shouldn’t hang their heads down. Keep working hard and the results(Wins) will come.  The saying is that it is not how you start it is how you finish. My fat loss clients may not lose a pound one week then the next lose 4 lbs. It is all about staying the course. Same thing with basketball if you do what your suppose to do and take care of the details the wins will come.  My team is young so it may take a little while for them to grasp that concept because  they’re still looking at the big picture. I will say that if you are trying to make a change in your life either weight loss, muscle gain,  anything in life. It will not be instant. Weight loss is not as pretty as they media makes it out to be. It is a long grueling process that can take up to years to get to your final goal. Only the few who want those results will get to their final goal. Persistence is the Key to success  

Goodbye Workouts

If you really love working out and you want to be successful in the business then maybe becoming a strength coach may not be the field for you to go into. As time goes on I notice that I keep getting more and more work.  As the work load continues to increase I find that there is less and less time free time for me to workout. When I first starting thinking I wanted to be trainer and fitness person I thought it will be a great profession. I get to train people help them get better and achieve their goals.  Since I will be in the gym also I don’t have to worry about getting in a workout . You will find that you will have less and less time to workout yourself.  Most of your workouts will be within an hour time mostly HIIT sets and Tabata protocol on elliptical and treadmills.  Some trainers have very good clients that you can workout with in order to help keep a good timing on rests. But if you have a client that is new to exercise then your attention is needed at all times to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves.  So now you’re at a cross roads I want to workout but I can’t workout because I have to watch my clients and make sure that they are getting in a safe and effective workout and that takes all my attention.  Now you start to realize that hey this is no longer about me. It is about the people who hire me to watch them and make sure that they are performing everything safe.  So now you have a decision to make either take fewer clients, or put aside time for your own workouts.  Taking fewer clients to make sure you’re in good physical shape may not be a bad option for those with a steady income. The other choice is to add in another client to your schedule make a little more cash and throw your workouts to wind( or any 30 min window you can get.)  That is why when I look at older Strength Coaches and trainers I now understand why some are out of shape( well out of shape is relative most  health and Fitness people are usually in better shape than the general population).  I think there needs to be a balance. If you are young and starting out then you need to look the part like you’re in shape.  Because you’re trying to build a reputation and clientele base so look the Part. If you been in the business a while then you should have a reputation and a pretty good clientele base. Most likely you are very busy with work and working out will be the last thing on your list to do.  So I know for certain if a trainer is busy working his health may decline just like everyone else who work in different fields.  So now I will have to block off time in schedule for my own workouts because I love working out.