Random Thoughts and good reads

In the last couple of weeks I have been reading and working  pretty hard so I haven’t had time to write but I have had time to read bring in new material In the last couple of weeks I have had plenty of thoughts I will lay down some of my thoughts down.

Adipure Trainers
I bought a pair of Adipure Trainer Shoes in the middle of March. Now that I have some wear and tear on those bad boys I think it is appropriate to give my review of the shoe I will go more in depth about them in a later post. When I first got the Adipure. I had some familiarity with minimalist shoes( Nike free).  Unfortunately it is very rare that they make shoes my size( size 16) I was able to fit in to a size 15 without a problem. The shoes have a flexible fabric and they stretch some to accommodate everyone foot.  That being said the sizes are not done the same way as Vibrams where it is European sizes and they measured by the longest toe.  Adidas went with traditional shoes size so if you have weird shaped feet be warned they may not feet well. I personally had a problem with my last pinkie toe getting rubbed on the inside between the toes. So the first week of wearing those shoes was painful until the skin calloused over. After I allowed my feet to heal Everything seemed to fall in place. The  fabric has stretched out my arch started to get  stronger and I was able to push myself harder in my workouts. It is a great show but as a big person I would weary about working out in these day after day. Make sure you carry another pair of shoes so you can switch when you can.

Fat Head Documentary
Now the if you have NetFlix I high recommend this documentary it is very informational on nutrition and how the guidelines need to be change in the United States. Tom Naughton the creator of this movie was a stand up comedian and now computer programmer and he does a lot of individual research on health and nutrition. Also he decides that the Super Size Me experiment was false and Morgan Spurlock falsified his food diary. I have seen the movie about three times and if you don’t have Netflix here is a link of the movie on youtube.

Quote from Gary Taubes book Why we Get Fat
In this book he  had one statement that stuck with my mind  Overeating does make you Fat but Being Fat( or making fat) makes you overeat. It was a very simple statement that makes a lot of sense if you sit and think about it.  Lets break it down I have seen people overeat a lot and not gain weight and on the other end of that spectrum I have seen people eat little( for their size)  and are still pretty big.  Let’s look at it like this the average american male eats roughly 2000 calories a day.  If his body decides to make fat. The fat cells will take a portion of his food every time he eats. So now the body is only getting 1500 calories a day. So now the body is in a deficit so now what?  The body sends a signal to the brain telling you that it is still hungry and to go get something to eat.   So now you go eat a little more. The fat cells take there portion of the food and you still want to get one more bit just to be sure you got your daily caloric intake.