Random Thoughts What I have been up to?

Coaching I am currently working with Brashier Middle College baseball and Basketball team and also doing assistant basketball coaching. I am really enjoy working with the High school teams. A lot of them it is their first time actually working out and it is a whole new experience for them. A lot of high school athletes don’t know what it means to be in shape. So we get a lot of complaints and kids whining and we aren’t doing anything to serious. We  are performing the basics of strength training and conditioning.


Becoming Bulletproof

I just finish reading the Book Becoming Bullet proof. It is a not a very long read but it goes in to details on how to improve your well-being and to strength yourself appropriately. The book is big on improving a person’s motor control. Regaining what we have lost over time.  Some points they talk about is diaphragm Breathing  which I personally believe is very important. They talk about the importance of Crawling, Rolling and Rocking the first basic movements of the human body and using those movements to help reset a person’s neural motor control.  I thought it was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone in the fitness industry.

This is another book I just started and after the first chapter I am hooked. It talks about how our subconscious mind makes judgments and decisions on everything in our lives and that those instant decisions are just about as accurate as long drawn out decision that we make in our daily lives.  I have only read the first chapter so I can’t write too much about it but so far I am enjoying it a lot.




Top 5 Favorite Upperbody exercises

These are my top 5 upper body exercises. In my experience lifting I have done several different exercises and out of all of them these exercises come to my mind first. Now I did include some back exercises but that is fine because it’s my list.

5) 1-arm Dumbbell Bench Press
This exercise is fairly new to my inventory of exercises but I love it no less. Grab a dumbbell( just one dumbbell) grab a bench and push away with one arm. This is a great horizontal pushing exercise that will force you to embrace your abdominal and force you to make a solid platform so that you can push the weight up. If you don’t believe me then  give it a try yourself( you may want to drop the weight some)

4) Pull ups/ Chin ups 
I think this exercises is one of the best exercise you can perform in the gym. It is a great back and lats and even bicep exercise I you want to help develop you back strength then you should try to incorporate pull-ups and chin ups into your program. I can tell you that I am terrible at pull-ups but I try to do a set every time I go to the gym because I know it will make me better.

3) Inverted Rows 
I did not start perform rows until I got to college but none the less it is a fantastic back exercise to work your traps and posterior deltoid   If you can’t do pull ups/chin ups this is a great exercise to help strengthen your back. It is a very simple set up have a bar rack  just outside your arm reach while laying on the floor. Grab bar  and pull your chest to the bar. It’s a reverse push-up if you think about it.

2). Standing/Kneeling Cable bench press
A great exercise that I personally think will translate better to life situations. Most of the time we are pushing an object standing up. Your legs and torso will have to create a stable platform from which you are able push-off from with your upper body.  Not every one has a fancy cable machine but if you have resistance bands that will be just as good.  Fantastic exercise usually causes me to cramp(charlie horse whatever you call it) due to how hard I have to brace. Less than half you weight is a good starting point for this exercise.  You can do this exercise standing, Tall kneeling(both knees) or 1/2 kneeling.  I recommend 1 arm at a time.

1) Standing Military Press
If you want to get strong then do Standing Military press.  Don’t do Military presses sitting down because they basically become a high incline bench press when you’re fatigued. Do them standing and you feel a huge difference on how much is involved to push weight above your head.  This is my favorite exercise to do It will strengthen your shoulders, upper chest, triceps, Traps abdominal, just about everything. They are a pain in the butt. If you are having problem with benching then start doing Military presses and that should help you improve your bench dramatically.
Honorable mentions
Curl to shoulder press
Barbell Bent over rows
Dumbbell Bent over rows
3-ways shoulder raises
Push ups